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Tuesday 13 January 2009

"SLG-Logistics Company" scam

Not to be confused with the legitimate S L G Logistics Ltd based in the UK, "SLG-Logistics Company" is a wholly bogus outfit, probably offering a job in money laundering, parcel reshipping or another criminal enterprise.

Originating IP is in Poland, "from" address is Singapore and doesn't match the name or address in the email. A pretty poor attempt overall.

Subject: Job opportunity
From: "Elma Ford" ncbk@pacific.net.sg

Hi, if you are interested in a well-paid part-time(2-3 hours a day) job in a large transportation & logistics company please contact me at e-mail:

With best regards,
Pamela Morrison,
Project manager,
SLG-Logistics Company.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I got the same Email from "Lelia Salter" of "arterial@gohdirect.com" asking me to respond to a Hotmail address.