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Tuesday 17 February 2009

Weird spam #2: "BREAKING NEWS - The Pope has been discharged from his office"

A genuine "wtf" spam here:

Subject: BREAKING NEWS - The Pope has been discharged from his office
From: "Press Officer"


Feb. 2009 - The Pope has been discharged from his office!

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The page 404s. But wait.. the email was sent from and points to the same IP address. And the domain rcigi.com is hosted a few IPs over at

What is rcigi.com? It calls itself the RC-Institute for Global Individuation and hides behind an anonymous domain registration. The site is either a spoof, or perhaps the domain of some religious nutters. It is hard to tell. Interesting, it is in English and German, and the way the English is written makes me think that it might be a native German speaker writing it.

The site indicates that it is run by a "Dr" Eduard Schellhammer of either Barcelona or Alicante. All the sites linking FROM rcigi.com are registered to Eduard Schellhammer, however it is possible that this is a sophisticated Joe Job and Herr Schellhammer is completely innocent. Still, all very odd.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Conrad,

You have done your Sherlock Holmes detective investigation only half way. The site is very far from a spoof as what you call it, and the reason why it was offline yesterday was because the firm GENTECHMARKETING.com removed the access.

The Gentechmarketing.com firm run by:

Jamie Whittingham
70 Monty Drive
Savannah, Tennessee 38372
United States
Tel: 0016157520387

Was responsible for running a CAN-SPAM compliant marketing campaign for our RCIGI project. Mr. Whittingham has scammed us out of $600 and not delivered what he has promised.

If you are curious about the email and the institute you can read all about it on our main site: www.rcigi.com or the partner sites. What the email referred to was The Incredible Solution which you can now find on: www.TheIncredibleSolution.com.

If you want to continue playing detective, I invite you to look into the work and convince yourself of what the institute is all about. Then again I am not interested in convincing your brainwashed head, that is your own challenge. And allow me to say this: I am fully aware that all the great thinkers of humanity were always sneered at and ridiculed - not to forget Jesus Christ was even killed in his lifetime over what he had to say.

So before you waste your time on turning more stones, turn off your brainwashed filter and open your eyes.