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Sunday 1 February 2009

"Zhudian Machinery" / zhudian-m.com scam

A strange, tersely worded email from some scammer or other:

Subject: Representative Needed

How would you feel to work for the Zhudian Machinery and earn good money? Contact Qi
Par via email: employment@zhudian-m.com
How would I feel? Well, alarmed and upset probably when the police kick down my door with a warrant because of the money laundering I've been doing for this so called "Zhudian Machinery".

Oddly, the domain is registered with a set of fake details pointing at the UK:

Domain name: ZHUDIAN-M.COM
Created on: 2008-11-05
Updated on: 2008-11-05
Expires on: 2009-11-05
Contact: Peter Llewellyn-Jones
Registrant Address: no 43567 broad street
Registrant City: england
Registrant Postal Code: ch1 1lt
Registrant Country: GB
Administrative Contact Organization: Peter Llewellyn-Jones
Administrative Contact Name: Peter Llewellyn-Jones
Administrative Contact Address: no 43567 broad street
Administrative Contact City: england
Administrative Contact Postal Code: ch1 1lt
Administrative Contact Country: GB
Administrative Contact Email: kedenor@gmail.com
Administrative Contact Tel: +44 701 1130444
Administrative Contact Fax: +44 701 1130444
Technical Contact Organization: Technical Support
Technical Contact Name:
Technical Contact Address: Via A Ponti, 6
Technical Contact City: Bergamo
Technical Contact Postal Code: 24126
Technical Contact Country: IT
Technical Contact Email: support@register.it
Technical Contact Phone: +39 035 3230400
Technical Contact Fax: +39 035 3230312
Primary Name Server Hostname: NS1.REGISTER.IT
Secondary Name Server Hostname: NS2.REGISTER.IT

The "CH1 1LT" postcode given is the Chester Grosvenor Hotel but the rest of the address doesn't match and is clearly nonsense. The +44 701 1130444 number given looks like a UK number, but in fact it's a "follow me anywhere" number that is probably just forwarding to another number outside the UK.

Originating IP address is which is well known for spam. Email address was harvested from a "free webspace provider".


scammer said...

I have recently been asked to be a Payment Officer for this company. It sounded like a scam, and I was nearly fooled by their formal and well worded emails. Due to this website I am not working for this so called "company" thank you

Unknown said...

Thanks for researching this so thoroughly. Nice work.