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Friday 14 May 2010

"Delivery LCI" job scam

This is a fraudulent job offer, which appears to be a reshipping scam and possibly some other "back office" functions for organised criminals. The is no company registered in the UK called Delivery LCI or LCI Delivery.

From: Timmy Bliss
Date: 14 May 2010 01:49
Subject: Job opening


I'm Mary, writing on behalf of Delivery LCI about your job
search, would like to invite you to learn more about the job
opportunity that we are offering right now for people like you.
First of all you need no prior experience, but we will provide all
necessary training when you will join us.

Now let's take a look at what Delivery LCI offers you:

Shipping Regional Manager

 - Resident of the United States;
 - Fluent English;
 - Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel;
 - Home Computer with e-mail account and ability to check your e-mail
 box at least twice a day
 - Adults only accepted (we cannot hire underage people)

 Job description:

 - Receive correspondence from our company and its clients at his/her
 residential address;
 - Report to our manager (every candidate will be included in a
 manager's lists)
 - Forward received items according to instructions of our manager
 - Fill in the forms and papers as indicated in our manager's
 instructions (you will receive an e-mail with instructions for each
 - Ship packages out

 Personal qualities:
- honesty
- decency
- sociability
- ability to work in team

 - 30$ per package processed for trial period 1 month
 - 50$ per package processed \ by the end of trial period\
 - The salary is credited to your account once a month

 If you are interested in our position, reply back to us
 with your short resume at:


Thank you for reading.

+44.20 3286 9579 

Despite there being no company of this name in the UK, there are two probably related websites of deliverylci.com and lcidelivery.com. At the moment, only deliverylci.com is running, registered to a fake address in the US:

    Dennis  Oneal
    Email: support@deliverylci.com
    Organization: Delivery LCI 
    Address: 1938 Woodland Terrace
    City: Orangevale
    State: CA
    ZIP: 95662
    Country: US
    Phone: +1.9169879747 
    Fax: +1.9169879747

but claiming to be based in the UK from their website:

Your calls are received by the phone: +44.20 3286 9579

E-mail: lcidelivery@lcidelivery.com

Our Office:

5 North Street, Hailsham does exist and is the office of a firm of accountants, there are many companies registered at this address. The telephone number is a London one though, not one for Hailsham.

Digging further shows that the deliverylci.com website is hosted at [Ecatel, Netherlands]. The following sites are hosted on the same server:

  • Dealcomltd.com
  • Deliverylci.com
  • Idealogisticservices.com
  • Todaylogisticservices.com is also a nameserver for other domains:

  • ns1.taxreturnsworld.com
  • ns1.worldtaxreturns.com
  • ns2.itadvancedservices.com   
  • s1.oilhost.eu
The domain taxreturnsworld.com was recently mentioned by Brian Krebs as being part of a particularly sophisticated job scam. So, it seems likely that all these domains and so-called companies are bogus and should be avoided.


Unknown said...

Which agency (law) should this be reported to?
Thanks, Mark

Conrad Longmore said...

Your local police force should be the first point of contact.