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Tuesday 25 May 2010

job4-us.com fake job offer

Run by the same crew as this scam, this fake job offer is a "money mule" operation laundering stolen funds, under the guise of payment processor for a car sales company. The entire job4-us.com domain is fake, any email purporting to be from that address are bogus.

Date: 25 May 2010 11:22
Subject: A car store is looking for remote employees. (US)

My name is Lisa and our company is looking to fulfill several part time positions in your region. We are one of the largest internet solutions resellers on the market and are looking to build strong support team in United States to provide the best Customer Care.

Title of the current position available is “Payment Processing Assistant” and we have seven openings.

An ideal applicant for this position must meet the following requirements:
* At least 22 years of age
* Resident of United States of America
* Very observant and able to focus on details
* Patient
* Trustworthy
* Practical
* Loves to learn
* Explains well in writing
* Handles deadlines
* Bank account
* Full internet access (at home or at work)

* 50% of the monthly cell phone bill is covered by the company
* Monthly salary starting at $2000(after a month evaluation period)
* 5% commission for every processed transfer
* Banking, Western Union and Money Gram fees is be covered by the company

If you are interested please reply to: Kaitlin@job4-us.com

As before, the site is hosted on in Moldova, on the same server as europjob.com, with the same registrant details which are probably fake:

Maksim Rodkin
Email: roddsn@post.com
Organization: Private person
Address: Miichurinskij prospekt, d.10-2, kv. 144
City: Moskva
State: Moskovskaya
ZIP: 178234
Country: RU
Phone: +7.4956783214

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