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Saturday 1 May 2010

Scam: "The big prospects for intelligent people from England and other regions"

Another money mule scam dressed up as a job offer from an estate agents. The estate agent pitch seems popular at the moment, having come up recently here and here.

From: Heather Crum
Date: 1 May 2010 01:31
Subject: The big prospects for intelligent people from England and other regions

I am HR manager in international real estate agency.

Your electronic address is taken from base of people who are searching for the job. We have the job offer for you. If it is an error and you aren’t searching for the job or you aren’t interested in additional earnings, please ignore this message. We apologize for spent time.

If you are interested in this offer, you need to address to e-mail: Schiavone.Basso@HotPOP.com

The basic direction of our company: The search of clients and partners. Sale, resale and rent of the elite real estate and the industrial areas.

Required qualities for the post:

Practical knowledge of the program “Microsoft Office Word”.
Ability to communicate, intelligence.
Experience in commercial activity is welcomed.
The knowledge of the Italian language and of other languages is welcomed.

The minimum salary is 2000 euro. Frequently the monthly income exceeds 10.000 euro. It all depends on intelligence of the Agent and on his desire and ability to work to his full extent.

For the additional information can refer to the electronic address which is specified above.
Yours faithfully, on behalf of all employees “Europe Real Estate”.

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