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Tuesday 18 May 2010

europjob.com fake job offer

This fake job offer comes with a Moldovan and Russian connection.

Date: 18 May 2010 20:52
Subject: good day!
International Real Estate Consulting Company seeking local representation

Countries of interest: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary ,Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Cyprus, Lithuania, France, Sweden
Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal, Romania, Finland, Czech, Estonia

Tasks of the representation to consist of liaison and intermediation in financial transactions.

Good and prolonged relations history with local financial institutions is strongly recommended
(references will be asked).

If you would like to be a regional manager in Europe send us your contact information: Full name:
Telephone Number:

Our contacts: Denver@europjob.com
The europjob.com domain was registered just yesterday and is hosted on at Starnet in Moldova. The WHOIS details show the infamous "Private Person" as a registrant with an email address frequently connected with scams.

    Maksim Rodkin
    Email: roddsn@post.com
    Organization: Private person
    Address: Miichurinskij prospekt, d.10-2, kv. 144
    City: Moskva
    State: Moskovskaya
    ZIP: 178234
    Country: RU
    Phone: +7.4956783214

It's not clear what the job is, probably money laundering or some other criminal back office service. Avoid.


AVI said...

They change the adress and send a variety of such messages.
In a way it is bothering to receive such spams.
On the other hand, who would apply or respond to such mesages?

Anyway, here it is the message I have received.
I hope it will helpful for thouse trying to stop these people.


As a representative of the HR department of a large international company I would like to pay you attention to the following information.

There is a wide range of activities our company is involved in.
-tangible property
-organization and reorganization of business -bank account support -etc

There is a vacancy of a Regional manager in Europe:
-compansation package 2.300 euro +bonus

- no fixed office hours

If our offer kindled your interest, please feel free to contact us. Marcy@europ-job.net First Name:
Country of living
mail address:
Contact telephone number

Attn! You can apply for this vacancy if you have a permission to work in Europe!

Please let us know you contact information.
Our manager will contact you to provide answers for the questions you are interested at and invite you for brief interview.

4567 said...

Now is changed DNS

ame servers:


Wij sturen u deze brief omdat onze managers hebben gevonden uw e-mail op een van de locaties op de werkgelegenheid.

Wij zouden het werk in ons bedrijf willen voorstellen..
Hebt u een geweldige kans om extra geld te verdienen. Daarvoor moet u een vrije tijd en een personal computer hebben.

Wij zullen u alles leren, u hoeft niet specifieke vaardigheden hebben.
Als u geenteresseerd bent stuur ons een e-mail terug.

Daarna vragen wij u om uw CV te hechten en uw contact telefoonnummer in internationaal formaat te geven.
Medewerkers van ons bedrijf zullen zo spoedig mogelijk contact met u opnemen en zullen verklaren alle details van het werk van organisatie.

Onze excuses voor de verzending, vooral als u in ons aanbod ge?nteresseerd bent. Onze excuses voor de verzending.


Vijne dag

Anonymous said...

I received a similar email from Judy@europjobs.nl in very bad Dutch. The domain europjobs.nl is not registered. Email received at 2011/11/24;17:25.

Ons bedrijf is een snel groeiende internationale adviesbureau dat de diensten tot 46 landen verleent..
We hebben succesvol geweest voor een lange periode van werk in nauwe samenwerking met een aantal organisaties voor onderzoek en investeringen over heel Europa.
We hebben vele boeiende projecten in de financiële diensten, financiële steun,
die eisen dat WUG bedrijf is voortdurend groeien en ontwikkelen..

Dankzij de uitbreiding van onze zaken ons bedrijf is op zoek naar een individu om de positie
van regionalefinanciële vertegenwoordiger te vullen.
Wij stellen voor werken in een internationale omgeving met een vriendelijk team
van hoog gekwalificeerde professionals en leren van de leider in deze opwindende industrie..

Belangrijke verantwoordelijkheden:
- Handhaving van de database op de website met behulp van onze speciale software
- Het opstellen van de verslagen
- Omgaan met bestaande en nieuwe komen klanten
- Werken met Internet en E-mail

Wij hebben vereist:
- Hoger onderwijs
- Klant minded-responsieve/vermogen/wens om te dienen van klanten
- Technische kennis - goed Windows begrip
- Proactief - zoeken naar oplossingen
- Een goede beheersing van het Engels (verplicht)

Wij waarborgen:
- Volledig betaald opleiding
- Competitief loon 2300 Euro per maand
- Mogelijkheid voor promotie
- Een sociaal pakket (verzekering, enz.)
- Speciaal ontworpen bonussysteem

Stuur uw gedetailleerde cv's in het Engels voor onze overweging op onze e-mail
met vermelding van de Financieel Vertegenwoordiger functie.
Succesvolle kandidaten zullen worden gecontacteerd met betrekking tot de tijd voor het interview..


Yaskier said...

I got an email like that, how one could avoid it? How do they have my email?
Job Category: Customer Support/Client Care Reference Code: HJR/EU/987-834
Job Status: Full Time, Temporary/Contract/Project

Great company represented in 32 countries worldwide is seeking a Customer Service Representative.
This is a temporary position with the great opportunity of going permanent.
The responsibilities are as follows: assist to work with existing clients, arrange and assure preparation, final inspection, timely implementation of orders as well as all related documentation and paperwork.

Meet the deadline of orders which require certain time frames.
Ensure all orders comply with customer routing guides and regulations.
Obtain proofs of delivery from companies and track orders.
Interface with our financial department to confirm deliveries and resolve discrepancies.
Update corporate offices with order and delivery information, etc.

- Some college or equivalent
- Previous customer service experience is a plus
- Experience working in an office environment
- Strong organizational, communication, interpersonal skills, and attention to detail
- Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word, Internet and Email.

- Fully paid training
- Competitive salary up to 2300 Euro per month
- Possibility for promotion
- Friendly and professional work environment

If you do meet the above preconditions and have a desire to know more about this position, please send us your contact details and our HR specialists will explain you everything in detail over the phone.

Our contact: Brock@europjobnet.com

Unknown said...

-----Original Message-----
From: lmmm0006@red.ujaen.es [mailto:lmmm0006@red.ujaen.es]
Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2014 1:18 PM
To: office@itcg.ro
Subject: New employment opportunities

Good day!

We considered your resume to be very attractive and we thought the vacant position in our company could be interesting for you.

Our firm specializes in consultation services in the matter of bookkeeping and business administration.
We cooperate with different countries and currently we have many clients in Europe.
Due to this fact, we need to increase the number of our destination representatives' regular staff.

In their duties will be included the document and payment control of our clients.
Part-time and full-time employment are both currently important.
We offer a flat wage from 1,800 EUR up to 3,500 EUR per month.

If you are interested in our offer, mail to us your answer on bennet@europjobs.net,and we will send you an extensive information as soon as possible.

Respectively submitted
Personnel department