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Friday 22 July 2011

Sky survey boll*cks

I'm feeling quite sweary this week, so here's a stupid email from a market research company who are pretending not to be doing it for Sky (I know it's for Sky because it uses an email address only used to sign up to Sky). It's b*llocks basically.

From: Tpoll Broadband Survey helpdesk@tpoll.net
Date: 22 July 2011 16:19
Subject: A survey about your broadband provider

Dear Mr Dynamoo

A well-known broadband provider has commissioned us here at Tpoll, an independent market research agency, to talk to people about their opinions and experiences with their TV and broadband providers.

The broadband provider in question is very keen to properly understand their customers’ needs, how well the products and services they offer are meeting their needs, and how they compare to other providers. They have asked Tpoll to investigate and we have invited you to take part in an online survey to share your thoughts and opinions.

This survey is organised and run under the rules of the Market Research Society. All responses will be strictly confidential and results will only be looked at on an aggregated level so please be as honest as you can with your answers.

Your answers will be very much appreciated and will be extremely valuable in shaping the products and services the provider offers.

Please click on the link below to start the survey - it should take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Click here to begin

Many Thanks,

Elizabeth Green

Tpoll Market Intelligence

So.. you want me to spend 15 minutes doing market research for Sky - a company that I don't use for broadband - just to help them shape their business? I did very much enjoy telling them that I don't have a TV or broadband access. Maybe this will screw up their survey.

Is this spam? It's hard to tell. I have a pre-existing relationship with Sky, but I'm pretty sure I didn't opt-in for this. It would be much more honest if Sky just admitted that they were behind it. Although perhaps their relationship with Rupert Murdoch's empire might be driving them to keep it quiet..


123456EM123 said...

Hi, noticed your blog when searching the tpoll survey. I to am only know on that email address by sky plus they have my name spelled slightly wrong, a mistake sky made. I will to do the survey telling them some total nonsense. I hate the way companies sell data, without permission. I have so many times expressed to sky my data goes nowhere, but it doesn't last long before they start ringing me again. Its as if every few months they reset everyone's preferences.

123456EM123 said...

Funny when you click unsubscribe, its a sky site!!!

A. Karley FGS, BSc said...

they (whoever tpoll are) are still sending out mails. It looked spammy, smelled spammy, and is now flagged as spam for a Major Email Provider.
Marketing Departments : down there with bankers and lawyers.

Graham MacLeod said...

I'm in. They're getting a survey full of crap from me too.
Screw you sky. If you wan't proper answers from me you can unblock the pirate bay.

Anonymous said...

Hello Conrad (and others).
Tpoll would like to confirm that we are currently conducting this study, and to assure you that we didn't buy any of your details. We do not reveal the name of the broadband provider so as not to create bias in the initial section of the survey but the details will become apparent once you take part.
Tpoll are an independent market research agency and we are registered with the MRS Market Research Society. If you have been contacted to take part in a Tpoll study and invited to give your feedback, please rest assured that you will never be sold or marketed to, nor will your details be passed on to third parties for these purposes, as a result of taking part in a Tpoll study.
If you have any queries on this matter, please contact Tpoll directly at helpdesk@tpoll.net and we will be happy to help.