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Wednesday 21 September 2011

dossier-ua.com Joe Job

dossier-ua.com is a site that is critical about politics in the Ukraine, and names several individuals and governmental bodies in connection with alleged wrongdoing.

Obviously, they have upset somebody because there is currently a Joe Job campaign against the site, presumably in an attempt to have the site shut down:

Subject: {Snuff filmes|Snuff films}
From: david -at- davidbreach.co.uk
Reply-To: dossieruacom -at- gmail.com

{Hi!|Hello!|Good day!}
You can {see|watch|download} child {pron|porn} and snuff {filmes|films} now for free and without registration.
Just email us what do you want to see (child {pron|porn} or some snuff {filmes|films}) and we will
send you back what did you ordered. Only hardcore cam murders, children fukcing,
awesome bloody maniacs and vrigins may brind you a lot of brillian hours! This is
happened in reality and no any montage so be the one who seen this!


Contact us to pay for pron:
politblok -at- gmail.com

In this case, the email came from a server called davidbreach.co.uk, a wholly legitimate domain that appears to have been hacked, hosted at Node 4 in the UK. The mail originates from (also Node 4). An examination of the mail headers indicates that it may originally have come from, an IP address in Milan, probably a compromised PC.

Dossier-ua.com is a political blog. There is no evidence at all that it is involved in distributing pornography or illegal material. If you receive an email of this nature, you should report it to the abuse address of the sender's IP, it is probably not worth bothering dossier-ua.com's web host.

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