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Monday 24 October 2011

The Register blunders, hands itself into the ICO


From: The Register marketing@theregister.co.uk
Date: 24 October 2011 18:28
Subject: Apologies from The Register

This morning the name and email address you used to register for The
Register was mistakenly sent to 3,521 individuals, also readers of
The Register.

We've contacted them asking them to delete the email and respect your

We are of course terribly sorry for this error and have reported
ourselves to the ICO. Our initial statement is here:


You are free to edit or delete your account details here:


If you have any questions or would just like to rant at us please
send emails to mailto:data@theregister.co.uk

Best Regards
The Register

There's a couple of interesting things here - one is that The Register did the decent thing and reported the breach, it will be interesting to see the ICO's reaction when they ignore more serious breaches all the time. The second one is that the email address I used to err register is unique to The Register. Will I start getting spam as a result of it being sent out to 3521 people, or would it require more.

Anyway, Kudos to The Register for coming clean. You can read more about it here.

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