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Tuesday 16 October 2012

Wire Transfer spam / hotsecrete.net

This fake wire transfer spam leads to malware on hotsecrete.net:

From: Federal Information System [mailto:highjackingucaf10@atainvest.com]
Sent: 16 October 2012 15:59
Subject: Wire Transfer accepted

We have successfully done the following transfer:
Item #: 35043728
Amount: $16,861.99
To: Anthony Glover
Fee: 29.00
Send on Date: 10/16/2012
Service: Domestic Wire

If there is a problem with processing your request we would report to you both by email and on the Manage Accounts tab. You can always check your transfer status via this link Sincerely,
Federal Reserve Bank Automate Notify System


Email Preferences
This is a service warning from Federal Reserve Bank. Please note that you may receive notification note in accordance with your service agreements, whether or not you elect to receive promotional email.
Federal Reserve Bank Email, 8th Floor, 170 Seashore Tryon, Ave., Charlotte, TX 89936-0001
Federal Reserve Bank.

The malicious payload is found at [donotclick]hotsecrete.net/detects/exclude-offices_details_warm.php hosted on (Vodafone, Fiji) which is a well-known malicious IP address that you should block.

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