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Wednesday 31 October 2012

"Your Apple ID has been disabled" phish

I've never seen one quite like this before, although it's not the first time I've seen Apple-themed scam email (this one, for example).

From:     Apple no_reply@macapple.com
Reply-To:     no_reply@macapple.com
Date:     31 October 2012 06:08
Subject:     Your Apple ID has been disabled
Apple ID Support

Dear [redacted] ,

This Apple ID has been disabled!

For your protection, your Apple ID ([redacted]) is automatically disabled. We detect unauthorized Login Attempts to your Apple ID from other IP Location. Please verify your identity today or your account will be disabled due to concerns we have for the safety and integrity of the Apple Community.

To verify your Apple ID, we recommend that you go to:
Verify Now >
The phish is hosted at [donotclick]app.apple.com.proiectmaxim.ro/id2/sign_in/login_ID&=/?&=?reactivate=[redacted] and it looks pretty convincing if you haven't spotted the Romanian domain name..

It just goes to show that the bad guys will try to phish anything these days..

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