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Tuesday 21 May 2013


The file Delivery_Information_ID-000512430489234.zip is being promoted by a spam run (perhaps aimed at Italian users, although all the hosts are German). I don't have a copy of the email itself, but my best guess is that it is a fake package delivery report.

So far I have identified three download locations for the malicious ZIP file:

The ZIP file decompresses to Delivery_Information_ID-000512453420234.Pdf_______________________________________________________________.exe (note all those underscores!) which has a VirusTotal detection rate of 23/47 and has the following checksums:

MD5: 791a8d50acfea465868dfe89cdadc1fc
SHA1: be67a7598c32caf3ccea0d6598ce54c361f86b0a
SHA256: 9ae8fe5ea3b46fe9467812cbb2612c995c21a351b44b08f155252a51b81095d7

The Anubis report is pretty inconclusive but ThreatTrack reports [pdf] some peer-to-peer traffic and also some rummaging around the Window Address Book (WAB).

Update:  sandrochka.de appears to be hosting the malicious ZIP as well.

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Danny said...

I've been tracking this too. I have the same Kuluoz trojan from 3 sites over the last few days requesting /img/get.php
The malware calls back out to a long list of IP's and the C2 drops Fake AV and Asprox.

Fun fun fun!