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Thursday 10 April 2014

"CCAHC: Climate Change And Health Conference 2014" scam

This spam is a form of advanced fee fraud scam:

From:     CCAHC ccahc@live.com
Reply-To:     ccahc@e-mile.co.uk
Date:     10 April 2014 16:04
Subject:     Call for Poster

CCAHC: Climate Change And Health Conference 2014

Dear Colleague,
On behalf of the CCAHC Scientific Committee, you are cordially invited to attend the 14th Climate Change & Health Conference to be held in Ibis Garden Hotel, from 16th - 18th May, 2014. 
The CCAHC 2014 event promises unrivalled learning and networking opportunities for the general public. Invited speakers are experts from multiple sectors and disciplines. Case studies of successful collaborations of environment, nutrition and public health across a wide range of issues.
The main theme for this year's poster session is:  "Impacts of Climate Change in Health and Nutrition"
While this is the main theme for the poster session it is not exclusive and you are welcome to submit a poster outside of this theme.
CCAHC 2014 showcases yet another exceptional programme with the latest scientific and best practice consensus on sustainable environment, biometeorological adaptation, global warming, climate change, waste management, greenhouse gas, pollution control, heart health, obesity, weight management, diabetes, child health, gut health, food sensitivity, healthy living and many other hot topics.
Why Attend:
  • Receive current updates on a range of topics, from leaders and expert practitioners.
  • Understand the latest scientific research in detail and discover its implications for your work.
  • Explore and debate controversial topics, discuss what is best for your clients and patients.
  • Sponsorship of air ticket, travel insurance, visa fees and per diem.
  • Enhance your skill set and progress your career.
  • Network with hundreds of other professionals involved in diet, nutrition, environment, health and lifestyle.
  • Participate in the Exhibitor Trail and win prizes!
  • Present your research, project, product or campaign, attract attention and promote your achievements
  • Registration is free of charge for participants from developing countries.
Paper Submissions:
Fax or e-mail up to 300 words describing your proposed paper on or before 18th April 2014. The paper will then be sent to the Advisory Board for evaluation and authors will be given feedback on or before 25th April 2014. The highest rated papers will be invited to present at the conference.
Sincerely yours,
Professor Jon Lloyd
Conference Chair
Maple House, 37-45 City Road, London EC1Y 1AT, United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 (0)70 8764 2424 | +44 (0)70 2404 4920
Fax: +44 (0)843 562 2173
The email originates from (Airtel, Nigeria) via in Bangladesh. Note that the sender is using free email addresses rather than one that ties back to an identifiable organisation. The email was sent to a spamtrap.

According to this article at 419scam.org the sting is that there will be visa and hotel fees to pay before going to the conference, and once this money has been sent by Western Union then the scammers will vanish, taking their mythical conference with them.


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