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Saturday 5 April 2014

RCHA / Rich Pharmaceuticals, Inc pump-and-dump spam

This pump-and-dump spam is trying to boost the share price of Rich Pharmaceuticals, Inc (RCHA)

From:     SuperStock Advisor
Date:     5 April 2014 16:37
Subject:     A biotech company that will make you big bucks

Think about it. What if you had the hunch to buy something low and sell it high. What if that clever move made you three or five times your principal? When is the last time you saw a stock quintuple within a few days?

R_C_H_A is a little biopharma company that you can buy for around 20 cents on Monday. A little bird has told me that something big is happening over there and that we can expect to see it go past a dollar before the end of the week.

This could be your move of the year, or even the best move of your life. Or you can just watch it pass by and do nothing. At least next time I present you with something you will listen with absolute belief and get to ride that wave. Last time I recommended a company to a friend it tripled in 3 days.

If you can buy R_C_H_A on Monday morning, consider yourself lucky and I want to hear about how much you will make this coming week!

So make sure to tell me!


From:     iStockAdvisor
Date:     5 April 2014 06:35
Subject:     One stock. Five times your principal.

My dear fellow investor when is the last time you actually made a few bucks in the market?

With this bull pattern going on it is hard to find a winner that will stand out and actually produce gains that are above average.

Not only do I believe that I've found a solid company but I am certain that I've found the next company that will quintuple in a heart beat.

RCHA is set to take the world by storm and this little pharmaceutical company should soar from current levels of 20 cents to over a dollar this coming week.

If you don't believe me just watch where it goes on Monday and I promise you, you will want to buy as much as you can to make sure you catch this rocket before it takes off. I expect to see it nearly double on Monday alone. God knows how high and how fast RCHA will go from there on.


From:     iBuyStock
Date:     5 April 2014 12:50
Subject:     The best stocktip for [redacted]
The last spam uses a GIF image (MD5 144f8295df4241d9a411b5a5b3f2c793)  plus a load of random text to try to fool spam filters.

Pump-and-dump spams are always a type of fraud, and the stock prices usually collapse very soon afterwards. The collapse in RCHA stock prices seems to be happening right now according to the stock chart.

The stock price crashed sharply on Friday 4th April, dropping by 31% as 417,000 shares were traded. RCHA's history is convoluted and they have very little in the way of cash assets and relatively large liabilities.

Often with pump-and-dump spam runs there is a pattern of buying before the spam starts, but in this case there is no discernible pattern which makes me think that an existing stockholder is involved in the operation, in an attempt to bolster the share price as they dump stock.


Update: here are some more samples that arrived overnight..

From:     iStocksInformer
Date:     6 April 2014 12:21
Subject:     This pharmaceutical could quadruple fast


What if you could get into a stock before it soared? I know it’s hard to time things properly. The market has been good overall as of late but it is getting harder and harder to make big gains in a short period of time.

I’ve found the next big mover, but you have to buy fast because on Monday morning you should be able to pick it up for around 20 cents. Come tuesday it could be too late. A reliable source has told me that we expect R.C.H.A to gain 5x its current levels and break a dollar before the end of the week.

They are working on some ground breaking stuff, and perhaps the FDA is about to approve something they have been working on?

I come across a situation like this very few times per decade. This is in fact only the third time I’ve been told about a company that is about to soar. If you can buy R.C.H.A for around 20 cents on Monday I would say that you are in great shape and I’d ride the wave up to over a dollar if i were you.

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From:     iTopStocksPicker
Date:     6 April 2014 10:02
Subject:     This little company could tenfold your investment, arwildcbrender


Update 2014-04-07: the markets have opened and the pump and dump spam continues, although it has changed pitch.

From:     iGoldenStocks
Date:     7 April 2014 18:02
Subject:     Already UP 58%!

This is the opportunity of the year. It has come knocking on our door and trust me I am not going to miss this chance. A trusted friend of mine told me that R* C* H* A is about to go from 20 cents to over a dollar. This little biopharmaceutical company has been working on mind boggling technologies to treat acute myolegenous leukemia and something tells me they are about to announce something huge.

What could it be I don’t know, but everything seems to agree on the fact that it will go up very fast. If you are amongst the lucky ones we should be able to buy shares for cheap on Monday. Like between 20 and 30 cents. If we can do that I’d say we are in great shape and we can expect to ride the train up to over a dollar.

I’ll be holding until then I hope you do the same too I want to see us pull as much as possible out of this. I am sick of playing the big companies that don’t produce much gains.

It’s time for a big move!


From:     iTopStocks
Date:     7 April 2014 18:06
Subject:     +58% in 1 DAY! Best Stock For [redacted]


In fact, at the time of writing the stock has increased in price by 75%. A big deal? A week ago the stock was at 30 cents, now it is at 35 cents.. but it dropped to 20 cents on Friday before the pump-and-dump run started. At the time of writing, almost two million shares have been traded. On a typical day there are zero trades.

Source: NASDAQ

But has the stock price actually gone up in value? All these figures show is a bubble caused by the pump-and-dump operation, I suspect that most of the sales come from whoever is behind the spam offloading stock onto unsuspecting investors.. and when they try to sell the stock they will end up taking a loss.

In the medium run, most stocks promoted through pump-and-dump spam runs collapse afterwards. I suspect the same thing will happen here.

Update 2014-04-08: two new variants this morning, both reflecting the share price from yesterday..

From:     MarketClub Top Stocks
Date:     8 April 2014 07:08
Subject:     Don't you deserve an edge in the market?

MarketClub Top Stocks

Do you remember me? Yes I emailed you a few days ago and I told you to watch R+C+H+A. This little biotech company has been working on ground breaking drugs and I advised you that you should buy shares in it on Monday morning for around 20 cents. If you don't remember, go back and look at your emails.

It has now pushed past 30 cents and it is showing very strong signs of continuation. Something tells me this stock will go past 2 or even 3 dollars in the coming days.

If you see the type of activity it is experiencing right now that's definitely not normal. Something absolutely massive is brewing for sure over there and there could be a phenomenal announcement coming in the next few days that will catapult the price much further.

This is not really tip *wink*, just a friendly advice. Make sure to buy as many R+C+H+A shares as you can.

You will be pleasantly surprised.

(c) 2014 MarketClub Top Stocks. All rights reserved.


From:     iStockMarketInsider
Date:     8 April 2014 05:38
Subject:     Top 5 Trending Stocks

StockMarketInsider Magazine   

As you can see the market is crashing hard the past few days.

If you want to make a few bucks you need to forget the general market and focus on this tip I gave you a few days ago. I mentioned it to you over the week end.

The little undervalued company is R|C|H|A and if you recall I told you to buy it when it was still at 20cents. Now It's passed 30 but it is still worth buying.

I think we will be looking at it trading in the 2-3dollar range next week.

Make sure to pick up a few shares if you can and you will be very impressed with the results. There's rumors that R|C|H|A could be on the verge of announcing some FDA approval for one of its drugs.

That may be why it's going crazy right now!

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Cara said...

Thanks for posting this warning. Not that I actually ever click on any spam links (safest just to delete the emails). However, I was curious about just what kind of scam it was. So basically, this company is all kinds of shady?

Conrad Longmore said...

@Cara: the scam is being run by someone who owns stock in the company.. and that could be almost anyone!

Chad Lupkes said...

Yeah, the companies that are subject to scams like this are hurt as much as foolish investors who take the bait. Their stock value rise and fall affects their credit ratings and can cause serious trouble with the SEC.

lf4tune said...

FYI - The email in my spam box came from someone claiming to be iMarketWatchers. Identical to at least one of the letters in Dynamoo's Blog.

Unknown said...

50 correos por dia en lapsos de una hora , esto google lo sabe porque ya fueron denunciados , muchas veces pero el misterio de su bombardeo sistematico aun sigue , que hay detras de esto ? dinero tal vez ..?

Unknown said...

Thank you savvy people for helping enlighten some of us fiscally challenged.

Good stuff.

Unknown said...

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