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Tuesday 29 April 2014

constructiondeal.com spam

Who are constructiondeal.com? And why are they spamming a spamtrap?

From:     Jenny Garcia [membership@m2.constructiondeal.com]
Reply-To:     Jenny Garcia [membership@m2.constructiondeal.com]
To:     "donotemail@wearespammers.com" [donotemail@wearespammers.com]
Date:     28 April 2014 17:49
Subject:     Your account activity
Signed by:     constructiondeal.com

I know you're busy so I went ahead and reviewed the customer activity in your area. Many homeowners are requesting estimates for your services in 90805. Take a look at these jobs and let me know if you can provide estimates for this work in the next week or two?

View the jobs here and let me know if you can do this work.

Best Wishes,

Jenny Garcia
Customer Service
(866) 887-7017

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Our address is 1033 Young St., Dallas, TX, 75202, USA

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90805 is Long Beach, California, but I have no idea where they came up with that particular ZIP code.

Links in the email go to acton.constructiondeal.com ( / ViaWest, US) and then onto www.constructiondeal.com ( / Quadranet, US). Originating IP is (Act-on Software, US) and is digitally signed showing that constructiondeal.com permits sending through that IP. In other words, the email is really from constructiondeal.com and is not a fake.

The domain contact details are partly hidden, but the CEO of owner Capital Enterprise Group, LLC is Igor Mironenko who appears to hail from the Los Angeles area. Constructiondeal.com is listed at the BBB and despite having a large number of complaints it still manages an A- rating.

But in any case, I recommend a zero-tolerance approach to spammers and would personally give this firm a wide berth.

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