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Thursday 11 June 2015

Pump and Dump: "Go buy DJRT right now" / Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure Inc

This illegal Pump and Dump spam is pushing stocks in Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure Inc (DJRT):

From:    PennyStockCrew [info@pennystockcrew.com]
Date:    10 June 2015 at 10:18
Subject:    Go buy DJRT right now!

Dear Traders,

Our alert DJRT is doing so amazing that you are probably regretting you didn't buy it yet.

I'll tell you this point blank. If you didn't buy DJRT you are an idiot. Take 1 or 2k and go buy it right this second because it is going to go absolutely ballistic.

DJRT is the stock of the minute, of the hour, of the moment and my stock pick of the year!

GO buy DJRT right now and watch it kick past 10 dollars in a heartbeat.

You are signed up to my alerts at www.pennystockcrew.com

Thank you for being a loyal member.

Sincerely yours,
Penny Stock Crew | info@pennystockcrew.com | Michael Killian | PO Box 110226 | Nutley, NJ 07110

The email is almost definitely nothing to do with pennystockcrew.com but is instead being spammed out by a criminally-controlled botnet.

DJRT is a loss-making stock which probably doesn't have good prospects according to it's own SEC filing.

The P&D spam started on 10th June, and we can see from the trading data that somebody bought 1.8 million shares just before the spam run started [via]

Date Close/Last Volume
13:18 0.045 167,875*
06/10/2015 0.041 850,878
06/09/2015 0.045 470,269
06/08/2015 0.044 1,355,516
06/05/2015 0.0132 0
06/04/2015 0.0132 0
06/03/2015 0.0132 1,000
06/02/2015 0.02 0
06/01/2015 0.02 5,002
05/29/2015 0.0269 5,000
05/28/2015 0.0175 10,000
05/27/2015 0.0175 0
05/26/2015 0.0175 0
05/22/2015 0.0175 5,600
05/21/2015 0.0175 1,362
05/20/2015 0.0175 0
05/19/2015 0.0175 1,652
05/18/2015 0.0175 0
05/15/2015 0.0175 0
05/14/2015 0.0175 61,000
05/13/2015 0.0175 0
05/12/2015 0.0175 0
05/11/2015 0.0175 0
* This data reflects the latest intra-day delayed pricing.

This activity pushed the stock price up from 1.3 cents to nearly 5 cents. In recent years stocks have never traded particularly highly, but they recent dropped to the 1 cent area after trading from 2 to 5 cents.

Usually with a pump-and-dump spam such as this, it is either the spammers who are trying to manipulate the share price, or a stock holder seeking to boost the value of the shares so they can sell them. I have no evidence at all that anyone connected with Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure Inc has anything to do with this.

Typically, stocks promoted through P&D spams such as this will collapse after the spamming has finished, leaving investors out of pocket. Often the companies are on the verge of bankruptcy anyway, so investors sometimes lose everything. This too is likely to be a poor investment. Avoid.

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