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Monday 12 October 2015

Pump and Dump spam: SAFSD / Safer Shot, Inc

This illegal pump-and-dump spam is trying to promote a failed stock SAFSD / Safer Shot, Inc:

From     "StockTips.com" [paul@stocktips.com]
Date     Mon, 12 Oct 2015 14:59:09 +0200
Subject     My newest stock tip is here

Statler here.

My NEWEST MONSTER PICK is - Safer Shot Inc. And they trade under the tickersymbol

I don’t know if you know this, but technically, 0.0001 is the lowest that astock
can trade at on the open market…

0.0001 is THE FLOOR!

So it stands to reason, if you get in at the ground level (THE FLOOR ), thestock
CANNOT go lower.

So technically you have limited your downside.

Go buy SAFSD NOW and quadruple your money quick!
There is a slightly different version of the spam with the same body text but a different sender..

From     "StockTips.com" [Alerts@subpenny.com]
Date     Mon, 12 Oct 2015 21:16:49 +0330
Subject     My newest stock tip is here
For a technical analysis of just how shitty this stock is, this write-up at Hot Stocked explains it nicely. The company is worth virtually nothing, but by virtue of having an astonishing 1.16 trillion shares issues at 0.0001 cents each (the lowest a share can trade at), it has a completely unrealistic market capitalisation of $116 million. This is basically a ridiculously stupid way to manipulate the markets and quite how they are allowed to do it is a mystery.

The point of this spam is to try to get the stock price to move even just a little bit, so somebody who holds a substantial amount can try to make some money off some suckers who will lose pretty much everything they put in.

Hot Stocked notes that this is a "promoted stock" but there is no guarantee that StockTips.com is actually sending out this tsunami of spam. So far I have seen 500+ unique IP addresses which have the characteristics of an illegal botnet.

Whoever is sending out these spam messages is breaking the law. Anybody who tries to invest in this stock is likely to lose out. Remember, despite the claim that a 0.0001 cannot go any lower.. if the company folds, then they will probably be worth precisely nothing. Avoid.

StockTips.com categorically denies any involvement..

 ..but because I have looked into StockTips.com before I had another look to try and deduce who the mystery owner is and discovered the apparent site operator.

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