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Monday 12 October 2015

Q: Who is StockTips.com? A: Adrian Thomas of Euro Ventures SA

I've seen spam allegedly from StockTips.com a few times (such as here and here). I have no solid evidence that the people running StockTips.com are responsible for the spam, but last time I looked at them I was frustrated by the lack of transparency.

It turns out that a mistake by the owners of StockTips.com may have revealed their identities. The StockTips.com registration is normally hidden by Moniker Privacy Services, but at the end of August it seems that the service wasn't running, revealing the apparent identity of the owner:

Registrant Name: Adrian Thomas
Registrant Organization: EuroVentures S.A.
Registrant Street: 10, Route de l'Aeroport
Registrant City: Geneva
Registrant State/Province: Geneva
Registrant Postal Code: 1215
Registrant Country: CH
Registrant Phone: +41.797459914
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: athomas@pan-euro.pl

It turns out that I'd missed an older non-private entry in the WHOIS data too..

ADRIAN THOMAS athomas@pan-euro.pl
Euro Ventures S.A.
10, Route de l'Aeroport
Word Trade Center
Phone: +41.227990800
Fax:   +41.227990801

Using this information we can piece together a set of related domains:

  • stocktips.com
  • stocktipsemail.com
  • euroventures.com
  • madblitz.com
  • growthpicks.com
  • investors4cash.com
  • investors4cash.net
  • investors4cash.org
  • evreit.com
  • cheuramconsultinggroup.com
  • cheurgrp.com
  • stellargains.com
  • stocktradehotline.com
  • topbusinessdaily.com
"Mr Thomas" is on LinkedIn..

A slightly different haircut and beard, but it is the same person on euroventures.com..

Am I saying that Mr Thomas (if that is his real name) is a spammer? No.. I have no evidence to show that the spam I have seen actually comes from StockTips.com (they deny sending out spam). But it's always good to see the sort of person who is giving you financial advice.. even if they don't want you to find out.

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