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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

"LinkedIn Invitation from your colleague" spam / closteage.com

A fake LinkedIn spam leading to malware hosted at closteage.com:

Date:      Wed, 21 Mar 2012 16:24:04 +0200
From:      "Stacy Goss"
Subject:      LinkedIn Invitation from your colleague


Invitation notifications:
? From Kadeem Ruiz (Your Colleague)


? There are a total of 3 messages awaiting your response. Visit your InBox now.

Don't want to receive email notifications? Adjust your message settings.

LinkedIn values your privacy. At no time has LinkedIn made your email address available to any other LinkedIn user without your permission. Š 2010, LinkedIn Corporation.
The payload is at closteage.com/showthread.php?t=73a07bcb51f4be71 (report here) hosted on (Endurance International, US). Blocking that IP will block any other malicious sites on the same server.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Intuit spam / cogisunet.com

It's Monday.. so it's malware. This new spam run is supposed to be from Intuit.com, but it actually leads to malware hosted on cogisunet.com.

Date:      Mon, 5 Mar 2012 12:30:31 +0100
From:      "INTUIT INC."
Subject:      Please confirm your Intuit.com invoice.

Dear Sir/Madam:

Thank you for buying your accounting software from Intuit Market. We have received it and will send you an e-mail when your order is processed. If you ordered several items, we may deliver them in more than one shipment (at no extra cost to you) to provide faster processing time.

If you have questions about your order, please call 1-800-955-8890.


Please download your full invoice
id #221137087563 information at Intuit small business website.


    Email us at mktplace_customerservice@intuit.com.
    Call us at 1-800-955-8890.
    Reorder Intuit Checks Quickly and Easily starting with
    the information from your previous order.

To help us better serve your needs, please take
a few minutes to let us know how we are doing.
Submit your feedback here.

Thanks again for your order,

Intuit Market Customer Service

Privacy , Legal , Contact Us , About Us

You have received this business communication as part of our efforts to fulfill your request or service your account. You may receive this and other business communications from us even if you have opted out of marketing messages.

Please note: This e-mail was sent from an auto-notification system that cannot accept incoming email
Please do not reply to this message.

If you receive an email message that appears to come from Intuit but that you suspect is a phishing e-mail, please forward it immediately to spoof@intuit.com. Please visit http://security.intuit.com/ for additional security information.

�2011 Intuit, Inc. All rights reserved. Intuit, the Intuit Logo, Quickbooks, Quicken and TurboTax, among others, are registered trademarks of Intuit Inc.

The malware is hosted on cogisunet.com/banner.php?aid=73a07bcb51f4be7 on (Endurance International, US). The block has a significant problem with malware at the moment, you may want to consider blocking IPs more widely.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Malware sites to block 2/3/12

The Spam Analysis blog has an excellent post analysing what is happening behind the scenes in the malware from some recent spam runs. I've taken their hard work and have broken out the domains and IP addresses that you may want to block.

Note that some of these sites may be legitimate hacked sites. Also is a parking IP,, so there are several thousand other sites on the same address.


IPs and hosts: (Infinitie, US) (iPower, US) (Endurance International, US) [parked] (Kevin Shick, US) (Linode, US) (Hetzner, Germany) (GTS, Romania) (Online Data Services JSC, Vietnam) (Serverhub, US) (Serverhub, US) (ThePlanet, US) (Colo4, US) (ThePlanet, US) (Dattatec.com, Argentina) (UOL, Brazil) (Landis Holdings, US) (InternetNamesForBusiness.com, US)

Plain IP list:

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

AICPA Spam / favoriteburger.net

Following on from yesterday's AICPA spam run, a new domain is in use for the malicious payload, favoriteburger.net/search.php?page=73a07bcb51f4be71 on (Endurance International Group again). The IP is worth blocking, and you may want to consider blocking larger ranges of this ISP who seem to have a problem with this type of malicious site.

Date:      Tue, 20 Feb 2012 22:31:55 -0300
From:      "Gilbert Ayers"
Subject:      Termination of your accountant license.

You're receiving this message as a Certified Public Accountant and a member of AICPA.
Having trouble reading this email? View it in your browser.

Cancellation of CPA license due to tax return fraud allegations

Valued accountant officer,

We have received a notice of your possible assistance in income tax refund fraudulent activity for one of your employers. According to AICPA Bylaw Section 600 your Certified Public Accountant status can be withdrawn in case of the fact of filing of a false or fraudulent income tax return on the member's or a client's behalf.

Please be informed of the complaint below and provide your feedback to it within 14 days. The failure to do so within this term will result in termination of your Accountant status.


The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Email: service@aicpa.org
Tel. 888.777.7077
Fax. 800.362.5066

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

NACHA Spam / sulusify.com

More NACHA spam leading to a malicious payload..

Date:      Wed, 31 Jan 2012 10:43:44 +0200
From:      transactions@nacha.org
Subject:      ACH payment canceled

The ACH transfer (ID: 64930940909169), recently initiated from your checking account (by you or any other person), was canceled by the Electronic Payments Association.

Canceled transfer
Transaction ID:     64930940909169
Reason of rejection     See details in the report below
Transaction Report     report_64930940909169.doc (Microsoft Word Document)

13450 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 100

Herndon, VA 20171

2011 NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association
In this case, the malware is at sulusify.com/search.php?page=73a07bcb51f4be71 (it goes through a couple of redirectors first). A Wepawet report is here.

This is on which is the Endurance International Group.. again. There are several malicious IPs in the range now, perhaps indicating a deeper problem with this host.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

NACHA Spam / sulusate.com

More NACHA spam leading to a malicious payload:

Date: 31 January 2012 22:55
Subject: ACH transaction fault

The ACH transaction ID: 415864020375, that had been effectuated from your banking account lately, was rejected by the the bank of the recipient.

ACH transfer declined
Transaction ID:     415864020375
Details:     please see the report below for details
Transaction Report     report_415864020375.doc (Microsoft Word Document)

13450 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 100
Herndon, VA 20171

2011 NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association

This leads to a malicious payload at sulusate.com/search.php?page=977334ca118fcb8c, hosted on (Endurance International Group, US). A Wepawet report for the malicious page is here.

Blocking the IP will prevent other malicious sites on the same server from doing their stuff. Endurance International has hosted several such malicious sites recently.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Some malware sites to block 26/1/12

Some more malware sites to block, being used in current spam runs to distribute the blackhole exploit kit. Block the domains and IPs if you can.

Eonix, Canada

Zerigo, US

Colo4Dallas, US

Ixvar, Canada

Hostforweb, US

Networld Internet, US

Confluence Networks, BVI (parked)

Endurance International, US

Nuclear Fallout Enterprises, US

Linode, US

Not resolving

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lazy BBB / "ACH transfer pending" spam, chillestruct.com and closteation.com

Here's a lazy spam about an "ACH transfer" that appears to come from the BBB, because the spammers have mixed up the campaigns.

Date:      Wed, 24 Jan 2012 13:31:58 +0100
From:      "manager@bbb.org" [manager@bbb.org]
Subject:      ACH transfer pending

Dear Sir or Madam,

This message includes a notification about the ACH debit transfer sent on your behalf, that was held by our bank:

Transaction ID: 471209863177939
Transaction status: pending

In order to resolve this matter, please review the transaction details using the link below as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,
Kathy Quirk
Accounting Department

The link in the spam routes through a couple of hacked sites to a malicious payload at chillestruct.com on (Zerigo Inc, California) and closteation.com on (Endurance International, Massachusetts). Wepawet reports are here and here.

Blocking the IPs will prevent any other malicious sites on those servers from causing problems.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

BBB Spam / chillebucks.com, sulusize.com and sulusity.com

More fake BBB spam leading to a malicious payload, this time hosted on the domain sulusize.com on (Colo4, US). The server appears to be a legitimate hacked server, but blocking traffic to that IP is probably a wise idea if you can do it.

Some sample emails (the usual fake BBB approach):

Date:      Tue, 23 Jan 2012 11:51:58 +0100
From:      "BBB" [info@bbb.org]
Subject:      Better Business Bureau service
Attachments:     betterbb_logo.jpg

Attn: Owner/Manager

Here with the Better Business Bureau would like to inform you that we have received a complaint (ID 23387543) from your customer with respect to their dealership with you.

Please open the COMPLAINT REPORT below to find the details on this question and suggest us about your position as soon as possible.

We hope to hear from you very soon.


Rebecca Wilcox

Dispute Counselor
Better Business Bureau

Council of Better Business Bureaus
4200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 800
Arlington, VA 22203-1838
Phone: 1 (703) 276.0100
Fax: 1 (703) 525.8277


Date:      Tue, 23 Jan 2012 12:16:00 +0100
From:      "Better Business Bureau" [risk.manager@bbb.org]
Subject:      Re: your customer�s complaint ID 83031311
Attachments:     betterbb_logo.jpg


Here with the Better Business Bureau notifies you that we have received a complaint (ID 83031311) from one of your customers in regard to their dealership with you.

Please open the COMPLAINT REPORT below to obtain the details on this question and suggest us about your point of view as soon as possible.

We hope to hear from you very soon.


Fernando Grodhaus

Dispute Counselor
Better Business Bureau

The malware tries to download further code from sulusity.com on (Endurance International Group, US).. another one to block. A Wepawet analysis is here.

Update #1:  another version is doing the rounds with the initial malware hosted on chillebucks.com (, Bula Networks California).

Update #2: The Wepawet analysis indicates that this might do something with the user's Facebook account as well as the usual malware payload.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Wire transfer malicious spam / monikabestolucci.ru:8801 and

More malicious spam doing the rounds, but this time it's more complicated than before.

From: accounting@victimdomain.com [mailto:accounting@victimdomain.com]
Sent: 18 January 2012 02:14
Subject: Re: Wire Transfer Confirmation (FED_93711S15719)

Dear Bank Account Operator,
WIRE TRANSACTION: FWD-7563133392175652

Please Review your transaction as soon as possible.

The link goes to a legitimate hacked site containing some heavily obfuscated javascript, in turn this points to monikabestolucci.ru:8801 and then downloads further code from (Netdirect, Germany) - the Wepawet report is here, there also an Anubis report on the binary here.

monikabestolucci.ru is massively multihomed (a raw list is at the end of the post) presumably on legitimate hacked servers. (Videotron, Canada) (OVH Systems, Italy) (Slicehost, Texas) (Slicehost, Texas) (Linode, New Jersey) (1&1, US) (Hetzner, Germany) (Webfusion, UK) (Master Internet, Czech Republic) (1&1, Germany) (UK2.NET, UK) (Infortelecom, Spain) (Dedibox SAS, France) (GoDaddy, Arizona) (TFN, Taiwan) (Web24, Australia) (Oxford University, UK) (GoDaddy, Arizona) (Linode, Florida) (Linode, New Jersey) (ThePlanet, Texas) (Endurance International, Massachusetts) (SK Broadband, Korea)

Blocking these IPs might be a pain, but it would block any other malicious sites on the same servers.

Raw list: