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Tuesday 31 January 2012

NACHA Spam / sulusate.com

More NACHA spam leading to a malicious payload:

Date: 31 January 2012 22:55
Subject: ACH transaction fault

The ACH transaction ID: 415864020375, that had been effectuated from your banking account lately, was rejected by the the bank of the recipient.

ACH transfer declined
Transaction ID:     415864020375
Details:     please see the report below for details
Transaction Report     report_415864020375.doc (Microsoft Word Document)

13450 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 100
Herndon, VA 20171

2011 NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association

This leads to a malicious payload at sulusate.com/search.php?page=977334ca118fcb8c, hosted on (Endurance International Group, US). A Wepawet report for the malicious page is here.

Blocking the IP will prevent other malicious sites on the same server from doing their stuff. Endurance International has hosted several such malicious sites recently.

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