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Thursday 25 September 2008

Asprox: "eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,r)"

There has been a slight shift in tactics by the Asprox gang in their SQL Injection Attacks in that they are now using a packer on their javascript. This doesn't seem to be for obfuscation reasons, as the script is relatively easy to decode. Presumably it's a way to get around virus and link scanners. (Click the image below for an example)

You can decode it easily enough by adding eval=alert; to the start of the script (follow the instructions here), but never mess around with malware scripts on a vulnerable production system because it is very easy to get infected.

mnicbre.ru and vtg43.ru seem to be two active domains, although perhaps check for all the ones on this list to be safe.

Packing tools are an easy way to avoid detection.. at least temporarily. But given the prevalence
of Javascript-based malware and the ever-increasing availability of bandwidth, Javascript packing is becoming an increasingly bad practice. There have been a couple of high-profile cases where a packing tool has effectively been blacklisted by anti-virus products (here and here), so perhaps if you use Javascript extensive and use a packing tool you might want to reconsider how you deploy Javascript on your site.

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