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Tuesday 9 September 2008

SQL Injection: ave2.cn / %61%76%65%32%2E%63%6E

This SQL Injection attack seems to be aimed at Chinese language sites. The code injected points to http://%61%76%65%32%2E%63%6E which is trivially encoded and is a reference to ave2.cn hosted on

ave2.cn then calls asp-18.cn, asp-12.cn and www.hxg006.cn (all hosted on

Between them, these sites carry a VERY wide variety of exploits, including MS06-014, GLIEDown (for the Baofeng Storm StormPlayer), MS snpvw.Snapshot viewer (Outlook Express), DPClient.Vod (Xunlei Thunder DapPlayer), Flash Player and RealPlayer. There are possibly other exploits mixed in, so I would regard ave2.cn as being VERY dangerous.

Robtex reports the following domains on, all of which are probably worth avoiding:

  • hs7yue.cn
  • hxg008.cn
  • jzm015.cn
  • doups.cn
  • hxg008.cn
  • jzm013.cn
  • jzm014.cn
  • jzm015.cn
  • qingfeng01.cn

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