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Thursday 11 February 2010

"7-job-net.com" Money Mule Operation

This is a straightforward money mule (i.e. money laundering) operation with a twist:

Subject: from International Consulting Company
From: "Arnulfo Salas"
Date: Thu, February 11, 2010 9:24 am


Our company(Outsourse Solution) is proud to announce you that we now have positions
available(part time)

A candidate for the Payments Processing Position must meet the following

* Is 23 years of age or older
* Is resident of United States of America
* Is fair and objective
* Is detail oriented
* Is very observant and able to focus on details
* Is fairly intelligent
* Has patience
* Is trustworthy
* Is practical
* Types well
* Loves to learn
* Explains well in writing
* Is discreet
* Handles deadlines
* Has bank account
* Has full internet access (at home or at work)

* Monthly salary starting at $2000(after a month evaluation period)
* 5% commission for every task you complete
* Banking and Western Union fees covered by the company

If you are interested in becoming a Payments Processor for our company
you can request more information at Arnulfo@7-job-net.com

Thank you,
Outsourse Solution Inc.
Usually we see spam like this soliciting replies to throwaway free email addresses. In this case, 7-job-net.com is a domain that has been registered specifically for this scam, on 14th January 2010.

Registrant details show the infamous "Private person" moniker.

Aleksandr Lapatau
Email: lapatasker@earthling.net
Organization: Private person
Address: Lenina, 34, 8
City: Minsk
State: Minskaya
ZIP: 456123
Country: BY
Phone: +375.172427204

The email address is connected with at least one other scam.

Of interest is the fact that the domain is hosted on in Russia along with the following sites:
  • Westitnet.net
  • Company-euro.com
  • Euro-company.net
  • Euro-shopping.net
  • Euro-webs.net
  • Good-nets.com
  • It-best-eur.net
  • It-financess.com
  • It-netx.com
  • Net-euros.com
All these sites have bogus looking registration details and are best avoided.


Donna M. Anderson said...

just got this in my email with a return address email the same as mine. This is disturbing since I have nothing to do with these spammers.

wahnula said...

Donna M., fear not, they spoof the sender address as a matter of course.

I have been getting craploads of this same scam email today, another domain they use is wesst-netts.com . I have received pharma spam from that domain as well.

wahnula said...

I just read through the BobBear post...that "site contact" submission was from me, on the 9th I believe. He does an awesome job of research, and produces a lot of information with an unpaid staff (if it's anyone else but BobBear).

Now, if he could just make that site a little easier on the eyes it would be perfect. I know, I know, nit-picking, but it would help get his message across if it were easier to navigate, like the 'moo's.

wahnula said...

New domain these scumbags are spewing at me today (about 20 times): people-and-job.net