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Friday 5 February 2010

www.dynamoo.com/blog is now blog.dynamoo.com

Because of Google's sucky decision to terminate their sucky FTP publishing service, you might notice that the URL of this blog has changed from www.dynamoo.com/blog to blog.dynamoo.com.

Everything is lashed together with symbolic links and .htaccess files for now, if you notice anything odd then contact me.


Unknown said...

Using Firefox 3.5.7, Win7, the long strings (like Zoombanner post) stretch out past the center column. Also, I see no way to go back to older posts before Jan 10, but that just may be my poor observation skills. I am also running NoScript, but have allowed this page.

Conrad Longmore said...

It's a problem with the layout that the main text column is very narrow, and some posts over-run it.. in a couple of cases I don't truncate the text because that effectively breaks it for researchers. I need to look at the CSS again, but that's a pretty horrid job.

I think all the older posts are still there.. I do notice that it's a lot quicker to publish things!

wahnula said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Well then we'll all have to figure out how to get by. I did find the Archives so yes, all posts are visible. Carry on!