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Thursday 4 February 2010

"Hello, this is Icon calling on behalf of BT.."

The phone rings from an undisclosed International number.. an automated voice say "Hello, this is Icon calling on behalf of BT.." and it then goes on to explain that there's nobody to talk to me and I should call back on 0800 980 0127 to unsubscribe. Except of course that I'm bloody on TPS.

So who are they? Icon Communications Centers are based in Prague and have a website at www.icon-cc.com (no, I'm not giving them a link). In fact, the crummy job is advertised right here. OK, I say crummy.. the good thing is that Prague is a very nice place, but you probably won't see too much of it in a call centre.


Edited: so I spoke to the very polite person on the other end and very politely suggested that the stop ringing. Having plugged the caller for details (yes, they really do work near the centre of the city) it seems that Icon are perhaps not a bad gig if you can speak English and find yourself in Prague looking for a job.

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wahnula said...

WOW...a flurry of posts after a long period of silence...and I think I can sense a little more "attitude" in your writing style...keep it up!

On another note, there's a typo in "you won't see to much", should be "too much", but other than that, I am very happy to see you back posting regularly. You're my favorite security blogger on the whole wide interweb.