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Thursday 6 May 2010

"I live in a city under name Kirov"

Unlike some other dating scam emails promoting very young women, this particular one claims to be from a 37-year-old economist, which I guess might say something about their target audience. In reality, "Mariya" is probably a fat sweaty male Russian who is trying to scam you out of some money.

Date: 6 May 2010 09:44
Subject: I live in a city under name Kirov

Hello my the surprised Friend!

I understand, that you are surprised now, when this letter has arrived to you. BUT I ASK YOU TO SPEND 5 MINUTES, your time and have read it up to the end then probably it will change your and my life. At first I wish to tell a little about myself. My name is Mariya. To me of 37 years. I live in a city under name Kirov, it is a small city in northern part of Russia. I not married and never was. I also do not have children. I have left school then has finished institute on a
trade of "economist". If it is interesting to you I will necessarily tell about it, but now not in it the purpose dear friend. Recently, I watched TV and saw, that in Russia there are 35000000
women who live without men, and there are such agencies of marriage which have many electronic addresses, and such agency can help to find for women the suitable man. I have gone to one of such agencies, and have addressed to them with inquiry that they have found for me the
good man. They have informed at once me, that in Russia I should search for the good and decent man very long time. Then they have offered me acquaintance to the man from other country, on what I have looked from a positive side. As I know, that at us in the country of the man, do not appreciate women, is possible because women several times more.

In general, I have agreed to strike up acquaintance to the man from other country, and they have given me your electronic address. Having told that you the lonely fair and decent man who searches for the woman for creation of relations. Then I took your electronic address and have gone to the cafe Internet to write you the letter. Here now you can my letter see. I have written you it with hope, that you will answer to me. I have inserted one my photo that you could see, my appearance and to solve for you directly completely, you will like to begin dialogue and relations with me or not. Only I ask, concern my letter seriously, look my photo, the letter, think and solve, precisely you would like to have the correspondence with me? I do not wish to be the friend, it is not necessary, I am ready to serious relations. It is very necessary to love, give my love to the MAN and family creation. If you really wish to have serious relations with me
write to me. If you do not want to have a relationship with me, just do not respond to my letter, I can understand everything myself. And nevertheless, I wish to tell to you, that my photo is made not professionally, but you see me, such what I in a life. And you can precisely define such woman as I am necessary for you or not. Very big inquiry as wanted if you however interested in me write to me about your e-mail where we can speak with you and small good photos you. Like everything, that I wished to tell you, and now I only need to wait from you for the answer, and I hope you write to me. If I was not pleasant to you, or serious relations are not necessary for you then do not write me anything, I will understand!

I hope your new friend, I hope that I can become for you friend Mariya!

You can send your letter and photo to this email address: mashalovers@BonBon.net

The lonely woman from Russia Mariya.


Unknown said...

I too have received mail from someone who could be the same person. I have several messages. All the information they give is entirely consistent with the information she gives in the one message quoted by Conrad. I have a number of pictures. One is identical to the one posted. They have given me no reason to disbelieve what they have told me. There are two things I find slightly puzzling; how did they come by my email address ? They said, as many messages from people claiming to be Russian women do, that they got it from a dating website, but all the websites I know keep your personal email secret. Second, as with many such persons, at some point they declare their love for you, and say how they cannot live without you, etc, after only a few emails (but >10). These two things are weak evidence to accuse someone of scamming.

pepito said...

I am curious how it all ended.

A Kirov woman is emailing me and can be non trustworthy. I have asked her phone number but she says sha cannot afford a phone (very expensive in russia). Is this true? any idea or sugestions?

Conrad Longmore said...

Usually they will keep asking for funds or expensive items that they need for airline tickets, visas etc etc. The basic plan is to milk as much money as they can out of as many people as possible.