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Sunday 24 October 2010

"america-newresume.com" scam

This scam has been around for a while, strangely it spells out "NB" in the full Latin of "Nota Bene". You don't see an awful lot of Latin in spam these days. Anyway, this is a fake job offer, most likely in money laundering or receiving stolen goods. Avoid

Re: CV 69

I’m addressing you on behalf of the HR department of a large company.

Our company takes an active part in the life of its subsidiaries, for example:
- bank account operations
- transportation and logistics
- private enterprise service
- etc.

We have vacancies to be filled by Europe residents only:
- salary 2.600 euro + bonus
- underemployment
- flextime

If you are ready to work as a regional manager in Europe send us the below information: Dominick@america-newresume.com
First Name:
Last name:
Country of living:

Nota bene! Only European residents are required !

Please provide us with your Personal data (Phone number and First and Last name) and our manager will contact to you to make a brief interview.

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