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Wednesday 6 October 2010

F35 Fighters.. going cheap!

The F35 is an advanced US built fighter that the UK may or may not buy to put on aircraft carriers that it may or may not build. These things cost £70 million a pop and given the current budget constraints, it looks likely that some or all of the order will be cut.

Fear not.. there's a way of getting F35's cheaper than the list price.. simply Google 'em and you'll get an ad saying:
F 35 Fighters Cheap
Best Value for F 35 Fighters.
Find NexTag Sellers' Lowest Price!

Problem solved! Simply go to a shopping comparison site. Apart from the fact that NexTag don't have such things in their inventories (they do have a scale model though.. whoo!). Indeed, NexTag does run an awful lot of crappy ads for products that they don't have.. so why does Google tolerate them? And how much do you have to pay to advertise a £70m aircraft anyway?

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