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Tuesday 26 October 2010

"Bikini Robot Army" spam

I've never listened to Bikini Robot Army (although for some reason I have heard of them), but this spam run I was at the wrong end of did tempt me to give them a listen, if only to hear what a spammer sounds like.. basically pretty derivative and dull but somewhat technically competent. In other words.. it sounds like the musical equivalent of spam.

This email originates from spavertising bikinirobotarmy.com on plus a defunct Facebook page, MySpace page and Twitter account. Frankly I'd give them a miss if they have to resort to unsolicited bulk email to drum up interest.

Slightly amusingly, their spam has this line in it: Bill Gates - "I gave Bikini Robot Army YOUR email address!” - I don't think he did.

From: robotarmy-bounces@bikinirobotarmy.com [mailto:robotarmy-bounces@bikinirobotarmy.com] On Behalf Of Bikini Robot Army
Sent: 25 October 2010 19:40
To: robotarmy@bikinirobotarmy.com
Subject: [Robotarmy] Bikini Robot Army wants YOU!

Bikini Robot Army wants YOU!

If you love the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Bowie and Beck - you will love... Bikini Robot Army.

From the mouth of David Bowie (Digivegas, 2010)
"Bikini Robot Army is a wild new band - I've never heard a song like that before"
[Joe Strummer's House]

Joe Strummer's House is the new hit by Bikini Robot Army taking the UK by storm;
you can hear it on BBC Radio One and BBC 6.

Bikini Robot Army continues to tear like a tornado through the US!

Come join us! We want YOU!
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Remember, Bikini Robot Army LOVES YOU!

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50cent - "I only listen to Bikini Robot Army

George Bush - “B.R.A. I never go running without Bikini Robot Army in my iPod”

Madonna - “Bikini Robot Army saved my life”

Elton John - “Bikini Robot Army made me gay!”

Keith Richards - "Who the F*@K is Bikini Robot Army?”

Richard Pryor - "Bikini Robot Army killed me!”

Superman - "Kryptonite? I don’t think so!”

Bill Gates - "I gave Bikini Robot Army YOUR email address!”

Bill Murray - "Stop asking me about Ghostbusters 3, I wanna hear the new Bikini Robot Army album!”

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;-) said...

I don't know what the heck bikini robot army is, but I'd like to see a bikini babe army!