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Tuesday 21 June 2011

Nokia N9. Beautiful but doomed.

I've always been a fan of big Nokias, especially the Communicator series. My collection includes a Nokia E90, Nokia 9500, Nokia 9110i, a Nokia 770 tablet and even the rare Nokia 7710 touchscreen phone.

So I should be pretty excited by the Nokia N9. Well, yes.. actually I am excited by the N9 which is Nokia's most powerful phone to date. There's a lovely big OLED screen, a relatively fast processor, lots of memory and the interesting looking MeeGo operating system as well.

But will I be buying one? Probably not. MeeGo is doomed. Nokia announced a switch to Windows earlier this year, but the MeeGo-powered N9 was already in development and is now official. However, it's quite likely that we won't see another MeeGo device from Nokia, leaving the N9 as an orphan. And an expensive orphan at that.

The N9 really should have been announced over a year ago to follow up from the N900, as it is it's a beautiful but ultimately doomed device.. which is quite sad. Perhaps there will be some bargain ones on eBay in the future though..


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