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Thursday 16 June 2011

Fake jobs: cosulting-eu.com and espana-cvbase.com

Two more fake domains in the long-running "Lapatasker" series:


The registration details have changed (see below), but otherwise this is the same old attempt to recruit people for money laundering. Avoid.

Leonid Pravduk
    Email: leonpravduk@yahoo.com
    Organization: Leonid Pravduk
    Address: ul.Beregovaya 13-2
    City: Doneck
    State: Doneckaya
    ZIP: 83000
    Country: UA
    Phone: +3.80443582153 


Alysha said...

just received a mail from my own email address to my email address with following message: Hello!

Let me present you a large international company where I work as a chief manager of personnel recruitment department.

This company is well known in various fields such as:
\ estate property
\ founding and abatement of enterprises
\ supporting in opening of banking accounts \ etc.

And for the moment we are creating a regional managers team in Europe offering:
- salary 2.400 EURO + bonus
- max 3-4 business hours a day
- flexible working time

If you would like to fill a position of regional manager in Europe send us your contact information: Wendell@cosulting-eu.com

Attention! We are recruiting only those who have a right to work in Europe!

Please provide your contact information in order we could contact you for further communication.

I'm not familiar with this kind of spamming is there something I can do against?

Conrad Longmore said...

Hi Alysha,
There's not a lot you can do. These guys are organized criminals, the best thing to do is keep deleting them.

squid12 said...

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