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Friday 16 December 2011

NACHA Spam/ ragsnip.com

Yet another round of fake NACHA spam leading to malware is doing the rounds, this time the payload is on ragsnip.com/main.php?page=111d937ec38dd17e hosted on (Global Net Access LLC, Atlanta). Blocking access to the IP is preferable to the domain as there may be other malicious domains on the same server.

An example spam email from this run (it seems no different to all the other ones):

Date:      Fri, 16 Dec 2011 16:43:21 +0100
From:      "transactions@nacha.org" [transactions@nacha.org]
Subject:      Information on your pending transaction

Attention: Accounting Department

This message contains a report about the ACH debit transfer sent on your behalf, that was detained by our bank:
Transaction #:    007457776956967
Status of the transaction:    pending

In order to resolve this matter, please review the transaction details using the link below as soon as possible.

Faithfully yours,
Kathy Quirk
Accounting Department

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