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Monday 19 December 2011

Scam: "CareerQuick Staffing" / careermanagement.com.ua

This is another take on RockSmith Management scam, linked to these dodgy work-at-home sites, apparently with an Australian connection.

Date:      Mon, 26 Sep 2011 05:48:19 +0530
From:      "Terence Mooney" [terence.mooney@voicecom.co.za]
Subject:      Reminder: Employment Opportunity Followup


Thank you for submitting your information for potential employment opportunities.
We look forward to reviewing your application, but can not do so until you complete our
internal application.

The pay range for available positions range from $35.77 per hour to $57.62 per hour.
Prior to begin able to be considered, you will first need you to formally apply.
Please go here to begin the process:


Also, the following perks are potentially available:

- Paid Time Off
- Health Benefits Package
- Higher than average salaries
- Tuition Reimbursement
- Extensive 401(k)program

Please take the time to follow the directions and complete the entire
application process.

Best Regards,

Rock Smith Management

careermanagement.com.ua is a Ukrainian domain, it is hosted on, which is a known black-hat host in Romania (Monyson Grup S.A), although as we said before this appears to be an Australian crew running the scam. The layout of the site echoes careerquickstaffing.com, a site that has already been suspended for spamming.

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