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Monday 12 March 2012

"Records passed to us show you're entitled to a refund.." SMS Spam

These scumbag SMS spammers again:
Records passed to us show you're entitled to a refund approximately £2560 in compensation from mis-selling of PPI on your credit card or loan.Reply INFO or stop
This is pure and simple spam, there are no "records" showing any such thing. In this case the spam came from +447790682898 although spammers often change their numbers.

If you get one of these, you should forward the spam and the sender's number to your carrier. In the came of T-Mobile, O2 and Orange the number to report to is 7726 ("SPAM"). Vodafone customers should use 87726 ("VSPAM") and Three customers should use 37726 ("3SPAM"). Hopefully the carriers will act if there are enough complaints.


Unknown said...

Done. Also using 07546220758

MBlogarrow said...

Just done myself! this time number recieved was +447511329600

Ste said...

Just happened to me. Number was 07522949122

Suzy said...

And me. Number was +447511323941

koobaa said...

Just received from +447414495474

Z form London said...

I got two in the last week.