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Friday 20 April 2012

LinkedIn spam / mysalepharmacy.com

Here's a very convincing looking LinkedIn spam:

From: messages-noreply@bounce.linkedin.com [mailto:messages-noreply@bounce.linkedin.com] On Behalf Of LinkedIn Email Confirmation
Sent: 20 April 2012 09:54
Subject: Please confirm your email address

Click here to confirm your email address.
If the above link does not work, you can paste the following address into your browser:
You will be asked to log into your account to confirm this email address. Be sure to log in with your current primary email address.
We ask you to confirm your email address before sending invitations or requesting contacts at LinkedIn. You can have several email addresses, but one will need to be confirmed at all times to use the system.
If you have more than one email address, you can choose one to be your primary email address. This is the address you will log in with, and the address to which we will deliver all email messages regarding invitations and requests, and other system mail.
Thank you for using LinkedIn!
--The LinkedIn Team
© 2012, LinkedIn Corporation

There are three hyperlinks in the message, two of them are to LinkedIn and one of them is to a fake pharma site on mysalepharmacy.com on in Poland.

Personally, I hate LinkedIn emails. Blocking everything that appears to be from linkedin.com will not have any adverse impact on your life.


Unknown said...

Technically, doesn't wind blow, not get blown?

Anyway, thanks for writing this. I got the same email this morning, and it was very annoying.

Incubeus said...

How does one block them?
I have added several variants of the address to our spam filter, I even blocked the entire linkedin domain but for some reason these emails always sneak through. We use ASSP here as our filter.

I am open to any suggestions.

Thank you

Conrad Longmore said...

@Incubeus - blocking the entire linkedin.com domain is my preferred approach. I can't say why it's not working for you though.

IMO, LinkedIn is useful for jobseekers and headhunters and that's about it. Blocking it is not the end of the world!