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Monday 23 April 2012

"MediaWiki Mail" Spam / carewelhealth.com

A novel spam, in this case leading to a fake pharmacy on carewelhealth.com.. but it could just as easily be malware.

Date:      Sun, 22 Apr 2012 16:09:12 +0000
From:      MediaWiki Mail [wiki@wikimedia.org]
Subject:      Account details on Wikipedia


Someone (probably you, from IP address requested a reminder of your account details for Wikipedia. The following user account is associated with this e-mail address: xxxxxxxxxxx

This reminder will expire in 7 days.
If you didn't initiate the request on Wikipedia, feel free to cancel this message and uncheck the "Reminder" checkbox in your account.

Thanks, and once again Welcome!

Of course, the IP address of is invalid, but most people probably won't be looking too closely. Keep an eye out for this type of spam. it might well lead to something nastier than a fake Viagra merchant.

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