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Monday 24 September 2012

Amazon.com spam / pallada-cruise.net

This fake Amazon spam leads to malware on pallada-cruise.net:

From:     Belinda Gallagher vigilancejy586@williamsguitarcompany.com
To:     [redacted]
Date:     24 September 2012 18:44
Subject:     Your Order Shipped Now

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Order Confirmation
Order #002-3989927-06014360

Greetings [redacted],

Thank you for shopping with us. Wethought you'd like to know that our shop shipped your item, and that this completes your order.. If you need to return an good from this shipment or manage other orders, please visit Your Orders on Amazon.com.
Your estimated delivery date is:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Why tracking information may not be available?
    Your order was shipped to:

006 S Academy St, App. 1D
S Paolo, DC
United States

This shipment have no an associated delivery tracking No..

Shipment Details

LG 42LW5302, SV 46-Inch 720p 120 Hz Cinema 3D LCD HDTV with 3D Blu-ray Player and Four Pairs of 3D Glasses
Sold by onner
Condition: not-used before
Item Subtotal:     $612.35
Shipping & Handling:     $20.43
Total Before Tax:     $612.35
Shipment Total:     $612.35
Paid by MC:     $612.35

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This email was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming email. Please don't reply to this message.

The malicious payload (probably a Blackhole 2 exploit kit) is at [donotclick]pallada-cruise.net/detects/plain-keyboard_beginning-monitor.php hosted on (G Mobile, Mongolia), an IP address that has been very active in spreading badness and which you should block if you can.

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