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Tuesday 15 October 2013

"Payroll Received by Intuit" spam / payroll_report_147310431_10112013.zip

This fake Intuit spam comes with a malicious attachment:

Date:      Tue, 15 Oct 2013 16:20:40 +0000 [12:20:40 EDT]
From:      Intuit Payroll Services IntuitPayrollServices@payrollservices.intuit.com]
Subject:      Payroll Received by Intuit

Dear, [redacted]
We received your payroll on October 11, 2013 at 4:41 PM .

Attached is a copy of your Remittance. Please click on the attachment in order to view it.

Please note the deadlines and status instructions below: If your payroll is received
BEFORE 5 p.m., your Direct Deposit employees will be paid two (2) banking days from the
date received or on your paycheck date, whichever is later.  If your payroll is received
AFTER 5 p.m., your employees will be paid three (3) banking days from the date received
or on your paycheck date, whichever is later.  YOUR BANK ACCOUNT WILL BE DEBITED THE DAY
BEFORE YOUR CHECKDATE. Funds are typically withdrawn before normal banking hours so
please make sure you have sufficient funds available by 12 a.m. on the date funds are to
be withdrawn. Intuit must receive your payroll by 5 p.m., two banking days before your
paycheck date or your employees will not be paid on time.  Intuit does not process
payrolls on weekends or federal banking holidays. A list of federal banking holidays can
be viewed at the Federal Reserve website. Thank you for your business.

Sincerely, Intuit Payroll Services

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This notification is being sent to inform you of a critical matter
concerning your current service, software, or billing. Please note that if you previously
opted out of receiving marketing materials from Intuit, you may continue to receive
notifications similar to this communication that affect your service or software. If you
have any questions or comments about this email, please DO NOT REPLY to this email. If
you need additional information please contact us.

If you receive an email message that appears to come from Intuit but that you suspect is
a phishing email, please forward it to immediately to spoof@intuit.com. © 2013 Intuit
Inc. All rights reserved. Intuit and the Intuit Logo are registered trademarks and/or
registered service marks of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries. All
other marks are the property of their respective owners, should be treated as such, and
may be registered in various jurisdictions.

Intuit Inc. Customer Communications
2800 E. Commerce Center Place, Tucson, AZ 85706 
The attachment is payroll_report_147310431_10112013.zip which in turn contains payroll_report_10112013.exe (note the date is encoded into those files).

That executable currently has a detection rate of 9/46 at VirusTotal. Automated analysis [1] [2] [3] shows that it attempt to make a connection to mtfsl.com on (Network Operations Center, US). Blocking those temporarily may give some protection against any additional threats using that server.


Unknown said...

I received the exact same email from Intuit this morning; I have never used or had any Intuit programs on my computer. I started to download the attachment and it was blocked by my security system. Actually I do not know how I received it because the email address was incorrect.

Unknown said...

The boys and girls in Washington need to come to an agreement and stop thinking about PARTY POWER. These rich leaders need to think about the American people instead of their own selfish agenda.