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Thursday 1 May 2014

"BiP Solutions Company" fake invoice spam

This fake invoice spam message leads to a malicious download:

Date:      Thu, 01-May-2014 15:12:56 GMT [11:12:56 EDT]
From:      Eduard Fulton [bfischernn@netmedia1.com]
Subject:      Notification of your invoice

Dear Customer
Our company has obtained your order and it'll be processing for 2 days.
The the bill of parcels and delivery details are below:
Sincerely yours,
BiP Solutions Company
Eduard Fulton
BiP Solutions is a real company, but this spam did not come from them. The link in the email goes to a legitimate (but hacked) site in Israel and downloads a file clients.045-264.zip which unzip to a malicious executable clients.045-264.PDF______________________________________________________.exe (there are a lot of underscores in there, yes). This has a VirusTotal detection rate of 15/52, however automated analysis tools [1] [2] are inconclusive as to what it actually does.

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