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Tuesday 22 July 2014

IGPK (Integrated Cannabis Solutions Inc) pump-and-dump spam

There seems to be a low-volume pump-and-dump spam run promoting IGPK (Integrated Cannabis Solutions Inc), the second recent spam I've seen for a cannabis company after this one.

Date:      Mon, 21 Jul 2014 21:15:06 +0400 [07/21/14 13:15:06 EDT]
From:      carolinehopkinsd@arcusinvest.com
Subject:      Check out this company that investors buy

Dear Classified Investor,
If you have been watching to the news, I am sure you have
learned about this new and exciting gigantic business that
everyone is talking about, right in USA! We're talking about
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lucrative marijuana investments in the world! Published by
the WSJ, legal marijuana could be the next big thing. This
legal marijuana company is, effortlessly, the utmost
possibly lucrative purchase in this domain right now. I
G_P-K +4% on Friday the 18th of July, seems is groomed
totally for a popular surge up the graphs that can bring
openly compensate us five hundred percent or more. Don't
wait, take 5 minutes and invest early this week, while I
G_P-K is still available for purchase before Wall Street
learns about it! 
IGPK has a turnover of about $2m but is haemorrhaging cash which is not a good sign, but it doesn't mean that the company is necessarily going to fold.

It looks like some sort of stock promotion started last month, but this is simply low-grade spam. However a look a the stock chart shows that the spam run has pushed up the price by 45% to $0.08.. but that is down from $0.74 in May so the price has certainly slumped.

The mail originates from (Railcom, China) via a mailserver at (GNC, Armenia). Despite the "arcusinvest.com" domain in the email there is no evidence that it actually comes from this domain (that belongs to Arcus Investment Ltd, a real UK investment company).

Unless you want to lose out, you should never buy stock promoted by spam as the price tends to collapse as soon as the promotion stops.. or even while the promotion is still going on!

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