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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Scam? thejointventuregroup.com (The Joint Venture Group) and other domains

This slimy proposition plopped into my spamtrap:

From:     Lori Henderson [info@loriwiththejointventuregroup.com]
Date:     15 July 2014 02:11
Subject:     Attention Investors
Sailing list:     xkuqlvkqlvveull of 1541

Investment opportunities like the one I am about to share comes along once every twenty years. Companies that produce earnings of billions annually are not the norm. This proprietary product is that will do just that. We have already received letters of interest to purchase this unique product from:

Mercedes Benz

General Motors


Pep Boys

The U.S. Army, just to name a few.

If you are an accredited investor and would like to own a portion of with an estimated gross volume in the billions, then reply to this email and you will receive the details. Please be advised, this is a limited.


Haven Henderson


 To stop getting mails
The email originates from, an IP address in Arlington, Texas. The domain "loriwiththejointventuregroup.com" is registered with anonymous details. The same content is mirrored on several sites:


The site has been knocked together using a sitebuilding tool by a 12 year old (by the looks of it).

The site quotes a company name and address as follows:
The Joint Venture Group P.O. BOX 1063 CEDAR HILL TX 75106

..but I can find no verifiable proof about the existence of a firm of this name in Texas.

Perhaps a clue into the operation can be found on a page labelled "Consulting Position"

The Joint Venture Group is looking for self-motivated individuals who are experienced in marketing to project developers and business owners who need private funding.

    In addition to providing funding capital for project developers and business owners who cannot qualify for conventional bank financing, The Joint Venture Group also provides a safe investment opportunity to accredited investors. This private investment fund pays $2,500 in monthly commissions, for every client that is enrolled by the consultant into the fund. The commission percentage is based on a minimum investment of $1,000,000. Click here to learn more.

    If you are a motivated individual looking for a great opportunity to receive a consistent monthly income in the amount of $2,500  on every enrolled client, than fill out the application below and please name the consultant that referred you to this page. 

Let's have a look at that "handshake" picture more closely..

It says: "If you're not a part of the solution, there's good money to be made in prolonging the problem". Funny, yes. Something that a consulting firm would have on their site? Definitely not.

It could well be that Lori, Thom, Walter, Tiarra and Marva are real people who have fallen for this sham and the promise of easy riches.

So, it it a scam? My personal opinion that it is. "The Joint Venture" group offer easy money - loans for just about any project, a rate of return for investors that is unrealistic, and of course it is promoted via spam by a company that hides all its real contact details. It certainly looks scammy according to the duck test.

Perhaps a clue can be found on the "Procedures page".

Please be advise, there is a 100% REFUNDABLE deposit of $20K which is a Success Fee. The deposit will be returned when funding is arranged. The deposit is also refundable if The Joint Venture Group fails to arrange funding by the end of 365 days. Proof of funds are required on all funding submissions. There will be no exceptions made.
So, this is saying: you give us twenty thousand bucks and we'll sort out your finance. Honest. You can trust us. We have a domain name and everything.

The Joint Venture Group is comprised of pf private investors who will provide funding for a variety of commercial developments and business projects to those who do not qualify for traditional bank financing.  We also offer a safe investment fund to accredited investor which pays 12% annually, 1% each month. The minimum entry amount is $1M. The investment also provides funding for our clients that require funding. Our minimum funding amount is $1M with no maximum. You can review the details and funding procedures by clicking here.
Say after me.. one meelion dollars!

The Joint Venture Group claim to be a multibillion dollar outfit, but their web design (and spelling) is awful.

Well, OK I have seen the website for Berkshire Hathaway which is has nearly half a trillion dollars worth of assets but also has a website that looks like it was designed in 30 minutes in 1994. But at least Warren Buffett knows how to spell.

Nothing about The Joint Venture Group looks legitimate. I would give it a wide berth if I were you.

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