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Tuesday 8 July 2014

Scam: "All Company Formation" (allcompanyformation.com / businessformation247.com)

Sometimes it isn't easy to see what a scam is, but this email hit my spamtrap advertising an outfit that can allegedly create offshore companies and acquire all sorts of trading licences and things like SSL certificates.

From:     All Company Formation [info@allcompanyformation.com]
Date:     7 July 2014 12:58
Subject:     [Info] Worldwide Company Formation Services - EV SSL Approval Services

We have a team of agents in different countries we are providing Company Registration services in the following Countries:

-United Kingdom
-Hong Kong
-South Africa

If you need other than above countries so please contact us for more information..we are also providing offshore bank account services:

Bank locations are :

-Cayman Islands
-Hong Kong
-St. Vincent & Grenadines
-St. Lucia
-Brokerage Account in Panama
-Nevis Bank Account

other services:

-Comodo EV ssl Approval and documentation
-Geo Trust ssl Approval and documentation
-Symantec ssl Approval and documentation
-Veri Sign Approval and documentation
-Trustwave Approval and documentation
-Trust Guard Approval and documentation
-Valid safe Approval and documentation
-Truste Approval and documentation
-Others (as per your request)

For order and need more informations kindly contact us : www.allcompanyformation.com

Email: info@allcompanyformation.com

skype : companiesformations
The spam originates from which belongs to Internet Connect Company in Orlando, Florida.. Orlando being a hotbed of fraud which would make it ideal for twinning with Lagos. The spam then bounces through a WebSiteWelcome IP of None of those IP give a clue as the the real ownership of the site.

The spamvertised site of allcompanyformation.com (also mirrored at businessformation247.com) looks generic but professional.

It is plastered with logos from legitimate organisations, presumably to give it an air of respectability.

You can pay for these "services" using any one of a number of obscure payment methods:

EgoPay: e.allcompanyformation@gmail.com
OK Pay: ondrejpavilic@gmail.com
Perfect Money: U3128238

I wouldn't bet on "ondrejpavilic" being a real person, it sounds suspiciously like this ice hockey player.

The contact information seems deliberately vague and there are no physical contact addresses or company registration details anywhere on the website:

E-mail: info@allcompanyformation.com
Telephone: 315-944-0992
Skype: CompaniesFormations

The telephone number looks like a US one, but on closer examination appears to be a Bandwidth.com VOIP forwarder to another number (which could be anywhere in the world). These 315-944 numbers seem to be often abused by scammers.

The WHOIS details are anonymous, and the website has been carefully excised of any identifying information.

Most of the text (and indeed the whole concept) has been copy-and-pasted from Slogold.net who seem to be a real company with real contact details. They even go so far as to warn people of various scams using the Slogold name.

The following factors indicate that this is a scam, and sending them money would be a hugely bad idea:
  1. The site is promoted through spam (this sample was sent to a spamtrap)
  2. The domain allcompanyformation.com has anonymous registration details and was created only in December 2013.
  3. There are no real contact details anywhere on the site.
  4. The text is copy and pasted (i.e. stolen) from other sites, primarily Slogold.net.

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Spiny Solutions said...

I have dealt with this company and they are 100% real with great services.