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Thursday 11 September 2014

DPD Services "Home Delivery Notification" spam

This fake DPD message contains a link leading to an exploit kit.

From:     DPD Services [dpd_support@nikos-fahrschule.com]
Reply-to:     DPD Services [dpd_support@nikos-fahrschule.com]
Sate:     11 September 2014 14:18
Subject:     Home Delivery Notification


    DPD - Parcel Services and Parcel Shipping

    Welcome to DPD

    Delivery Notification

    Track-Id: DP-U0096319662

    We could not deliver your parcel. Download Delivery Label here.

    Copyright 2014 (C) All rights reserved

In this case the link goes to [donotclick]seanergia.pl/model.php?dpd=Ny1yrZdnYkTUirJpfIQ6dj79Zbf5481JA1xta2JR54w= (this seems to be 404ing, but it could just be hiding). According to this report the payload is Asprox.