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Wednesday 12 November 2014

Exchange House Fraud (Police Headquaters) / omaniex@investigtion.com spam

I got a lot of these yesterday that I've only just noticed..

From:     omaniex@investigtion.com
Subject:     Exchange House Fraud (Police Headquaters)

please note that your attension is needed in our station, as we got information on this fraud information as transactions detailed in attachment. kindly acknowledge this letter and report to our office as all report and contact details are in attachment. failure to this you will be held responsible.

Note: come along with your report as it will be needed

Police headquarters.
Investigtion dept. 

Attached is a file EXCH DETAILS PR 7777709.zip which contains two files:


This is some sort of malicious application written in Java (top tip - if you have Java installed on your computer, remove it. You probably don't need it). It has a VirusTotal detection rate of 7/55 and the Malwr report has some screenshots of something odd happening, but not much more data.

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