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Saturday 22 November 2014

Oplamo Herbal Root scam

As far as I can tell, there is no such thing as "Oplamo Herbal Root". So, this spam is almost definitely a scam.

From:     Mr. Tom Good Hope [mrtomgood@gmail.com]
Reply-To:     mrtomgoodhope@gmail.com
Date:     22 November 2014 02:24

My name is Tom Goodhope i based in Liverpool,UK working with a pharmaceutical company.
I have decided to contact you directly to discuss briefly via email about the ongoing supply that came up in our company.

I think if you can understand English and India Language (Hindi,Tamil etc) you can take up this business proposal to buy out OPLAMO HERBAL ROOT from the local producer in India and make supply to our company as the direct producer to enable our company be buying direct from you on every subsequent order after this first purchase.

OPLAMO ROOT its used for production of Anti-viral drugs & Animal Vaccines.Our company have been purchasing the materials from Pakistan but it is very scarce and expensive now in Pakistan. I've found out the truth that this Pakistan people purchases this product in India at the rate of $210 USD,while they supply to our company at the rate of $430 USD.

Recently i got the contact information of a local producer in India that preserve {OPLAMO} herbal root to the quality our company needs for production and i came to know that this product can be purchase at rate of $280 US dollar per sachet in India.

Note that i can not release the contact information of the local producer easily to anybody that can not follow up with guidelines on how to make this supply on this first supply,because if any mistake occurs and my company finds out that i'm involve in given information to someone to supply this product to them they will consult a legal petition against me and i can not go to India to buy and supply this product to our company because i do not have money to handle this business and i don't want to release this information to our company management.

Our company buys 3000 sachets (each sachet contains 5 grams),but on the first order with any producer they want to give a trial order of 300 or 500 sachets and payment method for this first order is COD- cash on delivery, upon their satisfaction on this first order they would be making payment on T/T in advance.

Please read this business proposal very well before you reply me,if you can not handle this business according to my guideline its better you don't reply me,because i want you and i to be on safer side in this transaction.

Upon your reply i will clarify you more on how to start this business immediately,please drop your contact phone number for me to be able to contact you ASAP.


Mr Tom Goodhope

Company Secretary

"Tom Goodhope" sounds more Nigerian than British, but the originating IP address is actually in Delhi, sent via [eas.easylhost.com] in the US.

Given that all the search results I can find for "Oplamo Herbal Root" or "Oplamo Root" seem to be similar scams, I would suggest that this doesn't even qualify as snake oil and I would give it a very wide berth.

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