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Friday 7 November 2014

No, I do not want to go to your spammy disco

I've seen some odd spam in the past. I've never been spammed by an Essex disco operator before:

From:     ronnie-s-dj Professional Entertainment [info@ronnie-s-dj.co.uk]
Date:     7 November 2014 06:24
Subject:     Christmas New Year 2014! Disco & Karaoke Party Time

The spamvertised domains are karaoke-dj.co.uk and ronnie-s-dj.co.uk and the same owner also operates ronwindsor.co.uk. I'll spare him the embarrassment of listing his address.

I assume that Ron bought a cheap mailing list in good faith without realising that it was worthless, and then proceeded to spam out from his BT IP of via Outlook.com with abandon. Unfortunately, this sort of thing gets both your web hosting suspended and internet access revoked.

Hopefully Ron has a better idea of how to run a disco than how he promotes his business. But I don't fancy a trip down to Essex to find out.

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