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Tuesday 27 October 2015

BizSummits aka ExecSummits LLC whacks former employee with lawsuit

I've written about BizSummits aka ExecSummits LLC many times before, exposing their habit of sending spam (which I haven't seen any of lately to be fair) and other questionable business practices. By accident I discovered that in September, ExecSummits file a lawsuit [Techdirt] against former employee Michael Healy.

Techdirt does a reasonable job at bringing together various bits and pieces to explain what is occurring and the background to the story. Worth a read IMO.

PACER fees being what they are, I've uploaded the documents for 1:15-cv-03199-MHC here [zip] if you want to have look.

1 comment:

joyaf said...

Hey, Conrad. Thanks for all your posts about these folks. I found your "Naughty Naughty" blog post when I was researching spam I got from Shelly K. Fisher for one of their "Women Leaders" conferences. I'm not sure how long I was down that rabbit hole. I also tried to find out if this lawsuit was ever resolved but have had no luck. Do you know?