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Monday 1 February 2016

Malware spam: "Order Processed." / NoReply-Duration Windows [noreply@duration.co.uk]

This fake financial spam does not come from Duration Windows but is instead a simple forgery with a malicious attachment:

From     NoReply-Duration Windows [noreply@duration.co.uk]
Date     Mon, 01 Feb 2016 04:21:03 -0500
Subject     Order Processed.

Dear Customer,

Please find details for your order attached as a PDF to this e-mail.

Duration Windows
Sales Department


This email has been scanned by FilterCloud Email Security.
For more information please visit http://filtercloud.co.uk

I have only seen a single sample of this spam with an attachment V9568HW.doc which has a detection rate of 5/54.

Analysis of the attachment is pending, however this is likely to be the Dridex banking trojan.


The Malwr analysis shows that the document downloads a malicious executable from:


This has a VirusTotal detection rate of 4/54 and those reports plus this Hybrid Analysis show it phoning home to: (System Projects LLC, Russia)

I strongly recommend that you block traffic to that IP.

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Nyebodnye said...

also iamnickrobinson.com/u56gf2d/k76j5hg.exe