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Monday 4 February 2013

01530 561700: PPI refund cold callers are also PPI mis-sellers

Quick version:  01530 561700 is a PPI claims company trading as ABC Claims Management, but the people involved have been directors of a firm fined for PPI mis-selling. If you really want to wind them up, say you were mis-sold PPI by a firm called Hadenglen.

Long version:
PPI refund cold callers are annoying, and are almost always dishonest scumbags who claim that you are eligible for a PPI refund, but in fact they have no idea about who you are and nor do they have access to your financial records.

But there's more to the folks calling from 01530 561700 than meets the eye. The claims management company calling from this number is called ABC Claims Management (abc-inc.co.uk) who quote an address of:

York House
Smisby Road
Ashby de la Zouch
LE65 2UG

A look at the WHOIS details give a nearby address:
Domain name:


    Registrant type:

    Registrant's address:
        Hadenglen House Marlborough Square
        LE67 3WD
        United Kingdom

They list the owner as Hadenglen plc. Unlike many PPI claims firms, Hadenglen knows all about PPI.. because it and its boss were fined £182,000 in 2007  for PPI mis-selling. Hadenglen is no longer authorised to sell mortgages and there is a proposal to strike it off the register at Companies House.

The telephone number is closely associated with Hadenglen, both ABC and Hadenglen share the same address of:
LE65 2UG
..and of course, Hadenglen registered the domain name.

Of course, the real gotcha is that two of the directors of ABC Incorporation Ltd are Paul Butler and Richard Hayes who were both directors of.. you guessed it.. Hadenglen. Indeed, Mr Hayes was fined £49,000 for his part in the Hadenglen PPI mis-selling.

You could argue that poachers make the best gamekeepers, and the directors of a firm that was involved in PPI mis-selling might be the best people to make a claim. Or you might think otherwise. But why pay someone to do it (which could be thousands of pounds) when you can do it for free?

Update:  the scammers from ABC rang me again, and the woman calling identified the company but said she had never heard of her directors of Hadenglen.. which I very much doubt. I advised her to fuck off and leave me alone.

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